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Keyosk: free, GPS-targeted Digital Magazines for Hotel Guests

International digital print newsstand for hotel guests

Browse our digital newsstand and find the latest international and local newspapers and magazines. All publications are provided as free digital sample handouts by the world’s best publishers to all guests of Keyosk partner hotels.

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Look out for keyosk in your hotel room!

Hotels with free magazines and newspapers are displaying keyosk tent cards in each room.

Simply follow the instructions on the tent card to register, and get all free access to the best international publications on all mobile iOS and Android devices.

Don’t forget to share keyosk on your social networks to reward publishers and hotels which support social projects through donations to our partner foundations and charities.

Keyosk: a cycle of benefits with a social twist!

We bundle interests by helping charities, travelers, hotel operators, and print media publishers to profit from each other.

Social Twist

Keyosk users and partners automatically engage socially. Keyosk supports international charities, and environmental projects by donating 50% of all of its received net contributions.

Digital Media Hotels

Keyosk accommodations are top hotels which offer the Keyosk digital publishing newsstand to their guests for free. In return for our service, our partner hotels support charities and social projects.

Direct Room Booking

We offer the best hotels at the best rates. Keyosk connects travelers directly with the hotel’s online booking system, without charging commissions for your room booking.

Promote print titles

Keyosk promotes the world’s best international print media titles as free paperless digital sample handouts directly in the hotel rooms of business travelers and tourist around the world.

Mobile Age

The Keyosk publisher’s newsstand is a free Android and iOS app. Through its built-in geo- fencing function, all included titles are accessible anywhere within the entire premises of Keyosk partner hotels.

Keyosk Users

Great travel information, commission-free hotel rooms,  and free magazines and newspapers. Get your free keyosk app now, and give us your voice to support people in need. Register for free now!

Made to Read

Magazines or newspapers … with our cutting-edge publishing technology Keyosk delivers each title as a great interactive digital reading experience for all screen sizes on smartphones and tablets.

Viral Value

Make a difference! Spread the word, and share Keyosk with your friends. Register for your free Keyosk service now – help us to collect charitable donations from our partner hotels and publishers.

Keyosk Partner Hotels Video Channel

Subscribe to our YouTube channel and stay up to date with videos from the finest international hotels which reward your room bookings with donations to social or environmental charities and projects. Share socially-minded businesses with friends on your social networks and support those who want to help others.

Our Partners

Keep on supporting Keyosk partner brands, and enable them to donate a part of their revenues to increase the global tree count. Create additional awareness in your social networks by rewarding them with “shares” and “likes”.