Newsweek (USA) <i>Current Issue</i>

Newsweek (USA) Current Issue

Issue: Current Issue

Publisher: IBT Media

Category: News & Politics, USA

Newsweek is one of the most famous weekly news magazines.

In 2003, worldwide circulation was more than 4 million. Newsweek publishes editions in Japanese, Korean, Polish, Spanish, Rioplatense Spanish, Arabic, Turkish, Serbian, as well as an English language Newsweek International. Russian Newsweek, published since 2004, was shut in October 2010. The Bulletin (an Australian weekly until 2008) incorporated an international news section from Newsweek.

Based in New York City, the magazine claimed 22 bureaus in 2011: nine in the U.S.: New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago/Detroit, Dallas, Miami, Washington, D.C., Boston and San Francisco, and others overseas in London, Paris, Berlin, Moscow, Jerusalem, Baghdad, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Beijing, South Asia, Cape Town, Mexico City and Buenos Aires

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    • Categories: News & Politics, USA