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No matter if you want to get top international digital print titles on your personal newsstand at Keyosk partner hotels, or if you want to book your next room without paying hidden commissions. One fact always remains – Keyosk services are free for all users!


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Yup, we are all used to buying magazines or newspapers as a paper print. But, if you are used to using a GPS navigation system instead of a paper map while driving, you should see what drives us to guide readers to  digital publications, and why we think that you should change your habits right now!

Diversity is key

Facebook, Twitter, and Google are great! But in these times of ever expanding social networks, publishers are losing market shares globally.


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Keyosk works on all mobile iOS and Android devices. All publications are “beefed up” with active URL links, videos, and picture galleries that all open “within our app” without redirecting you to any other app. On top of that, our technology allows popup reading for all articles, and text-to-speech if you want to listen instead.

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Just register with your email, name, country, favorite publication and travel destination. In return you get access to your own personal Keyosk app including our famous Keyosk videozines and loads of other free international digital top titles – available 24hrs a day, wherever you are!


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Some publishers can only publish their titles as “free sample handouts” within a certain area (GPS radius). Because of this, the library of available titles in your personal newsstand automatically delivers more publications while you are staying in any Keyosk partner hotel.

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Where do you go next? Guest ratings, pictures, videos, facilities, descriptions, maps, contacts, prices, and star ratings. In our online hotel directory and your personal newsstand app, you’ll find details of the finest hotels, resorts and serviced apartments.


Support more, pay less

Unlike the usual hotel booking sites, with Keyosk you will book your room with the hotel directly. Instead of paying commissions or fees for your booking, the hotel can pass on these savings to you, and will donate a small part of your room fee to finance the planting of new trees at our tree plantations.

Reward sustainability

Let others know about accommodations that are more environmentally-aware and which do more than just selling rooms. Support them for their engagement by sharing their accommodation in your social networks. Ask any accommodation about Keyosk. Ask them to honor your stay through more social engagement.


Before you pack up

On our website, and in your personal Keyosk app newsstand, you’ll find comprehensive information about the destination you are going to visit. Check out our safety tips, domestic laws, local culture, places of interest, and other Do’s and Don’ts you need to know to enjoy your stay and remain safe.

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