Social Projects

We support charities and social projects

We are searching for social projects which are looking for a helping hand. Contact us if you run a social initiative, a foundation or a charity. Tell us what social project needs help.

How we generate and distribute donations:

Financial contributions from Publishers

We are balancing the logging of trees caused by the global publishing industry for paper based print titles by donating 50% of the total net contributions received from all international Keyosk publishing partners to tree plantations in North East Thailand.

Financial contributions from Hotel operators

50% of all net contributions received for our services from Keyosk partner hotels are donated to projects or charities which are located in the country, or, if possible, directly in the community of the donating partner. (e.g. contributions received from all New York partner hotels are firstly donated to a social project in NY).

Social media support by users

After registration, everybody can equally use all our services for free and without any limitations.  By supporting Keyosk on social networks, our users attract others to our services, donating partners, and the beneficiaries of our social projects. If they like, users can voluntarily donate any amount to one of our social projects via PayPal.

Our social beneficiaries:

Please go to our Facebook page to see the latest updates on our charity partners.

Soi Dog Foundation
Phuket, Thailand, animal shelter for street dogs for the adoption of dogs, rescue, vaccination etc. of street dogs through sponsorship.

PAWS Bangkok
Bangkok, Thailand, animal shelter for cats and street dogs for the adoption of dogs, rescue, vaccination etc. of street dogs through sponsorship.

Obama Foundation
Chicago, USA, international foundation with the mission is to inspire and empower people to change their world.

Per Mertesacker Stiftung
Hanover, Germany, community orientated foundation with the mission to help and socially integrate underprivileged children with migration background by providing free educational support, language lessons, and social affiliation by participation in football teams.

Oliver Kahn Stiftung
Munich, Germany, the foundation supports the worldwide establishment of Safe-Hubs in order to motivate and support underprivileged children and young people with the power of football. Each centre is considered a safe place, with a football field and an educational facility. A training schedule and coaches are provided to support young people in their personal development.

Singapore, Hagar restores to wholeness the lives of women and children in  Afghanistan, Cambodia  and Vietnam that have been torn apart by human rights abuse. Walking the whole journey of protection, recovery, empowerment and integration with each individual is the whole reason for Hagar.