Promote your digital publications in international hotels!


Follow your readers everywhere

Follow your existing readers and let them read your titles outside your market of origin and availability. Value affluent readers which are residing in international 4-5 star hotels by distributing free digital handouts of your titles directly to their hotel room.

Tease and advertise without giving away

By publishing your publications in the Keyosk hotel newsstand you are teasing hotel guests by advertising your titles as location restricted free sample hand-outs. Our cutting-edge GPS-based publishing technology allows readers to access your titles only within the premises of each Keyosk partner hotel.


Promote your existing digital presence

At Keyosk you cannot sell or market your digital titles via subscription packages. If you wish to utilize an existing digital presence, or if you are looking to establish a digital presence to individually monetize your titles, just contact us. We have many solutions to realize your strategies.

Join a social cause

Keyosk is a social business and gives your publications a new aspect of marketability! Half of our net revenues are used to plant trees on our Keyosk plantations in Thailand. Cater to travelers who strive to support paperless publishers.


Full flexibility

At Keyosk you don’t need to subscribe. We provide a simple, cost effective flat-rate model, with no strings attached. This leaves you in control of each campaign. Decide yourself when you would like to advertise your titles, or how many of your publications you want to include at any given time. For publishers with bigger plans, we offer additional solutions in our sponsors section.

Simplicity to the point

Register for free and follow a few easy steps. Upload the PDF and a description of your title and let us know the publishing date and duration you wish for it to appear. It’s as simple as adding an attachment to an email.


Benefit from in-room advertising

With the inclusion of a table stand, our partner hotels advertise the digital Keyosk newsstand in each of their hotel rooms. This guarantees the attention of each hotel guest towards your published titles.

Cutting-edge technology

Our technology delivers your titles as a great reading experience to each iOS and Android device. Our standard features include text block merging for full article reading and text popup function of articles to guarantee full readability of text rich publications and newspapers, URL auto detection to increase content value, and even a text-to-speech function for readers who prefer to listen to your published titles.


Gain new readers worldwide

Let readers everywhere know that you exist, and show them the information value of your publications. Keyosk connects your titles with an affluent, desirable, and ever-growing group of travelers who are demanding mobile digital media on-the-go.


Yes! I want global travelers to read our free title handouts while staying at their hotel.

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