What is Keyosk?

Keyosk is a free digital publishing newsstand which provides selected international magazines and newspapers to hotel guests around the world.

What is the keyosk.online website?

The Keyosk website acts as a comprehensive hotel booking directory on which travelers can choose their accommodation, and book the room directly with the hotel. Keyosk doesn’t charge commissions or fees of any kind for bookings, therefore hotels can offer you better rates than published on other hotel booking sites.

What is our mission?

Keyosk is a social business, and our mission is to promote paperless products, businesses, helpers, and supporters. We invest 50% of our net revenue in reforestation on teak plantations in Thailand and other worthy social causes.

Where can I read titles?

The full Keyosk newsstand is available for readers at the entire premises of our partner hotels only (guest rooms, lobby, pool, beach etc.). The famous Keyosk videozines are freely accessible from everywhere.

How can I read titles?

The Keyosk newsstand is available via a mobile app on all Android and iOS (Apple) smartphones and tablets. Get the app here.

Can I read for free?

Yes, after registering with your name and email address you receive all titles as free sample handouts, which are provided by international publishers to hotel guests and travelers.

Why should I share Keyosk with others?

Your voice and viral value is important and powerful. By registering, and sharing Keyosk with others, you are supporting paperless businesses. Keyosk is free for you, all we want is your help in the fight against deforestation and global warming.

Can I book hotels with Keyosk?

You can find all info about our hotels and even videos on our website and in our videozine in the Keyosk app. Once you have found your location you will be automatically connected to the online booking system of your hotel, where you can book your room directly, and at the best rates possible online (free of any commissions or fees).

Why should I offer Keyosk in my hotel?

With Keyosk you providing an digital newsstand of international top publications in each of your rooms, throughout your premises, and for all hotel visitors. This caters to the growing demand for mobile, free, and digital information.

Does Keyosk help me with my occupancy rate?

Yes, you will benefit from the Keyosk hotel directory, and from commission-free bookings of hotel rooms from Keyosk users.

Do I gain exposure?

Your hotel will gain exposure through marketing campaigns executed by Keyosk partner publications, from the inclusion of your hotel in the Keyosk videozine, and from viral effects through social networks.

Do I improve my brand recognition and acceptance?

Above all, being a Keyosk partner hotel you are positioning yourself as a social business which promotes paperless products, and helps to reverse deforestation. By donating to teak plantations, you actively increase the global tree count and help our other worthy social causes.

How can I become a partner hotel?

Register as a partner hotel and list your hotel in your member area. We designed our listing process as a simple click and play solution, and you won’t need any programming knowledge to complete your listing.

How do I notify my guests about Keyosk?

We will provide you with a printed tent card for your reception area and each hotel room.

Can my hotel become a partner hotel?

We don’t care if you are small resort, a serviced apartment, villa, or a big hotel. We only insist that your location offers free wi-fi access to its visitors and guests, in all public areas, and all guest rooms.

I am a small hotel, can I afford Keyosk?

We are a social business and we are not out for money only. This is why we base our membership on the number of hotel rooms at each location. This gives large and small locations an equal cost/service ratio. Get your quote and join us.

Why should I promote my publications in Keyosk?

By publishing your titles in Keyosk you are promoting your publications to an affluent target group consisting of international travelers and global hotel guests. Also, you are maintaining your existing reader base, and following them into markets in which your publications are not available in print. In addition, you are guiding your readers to cross-over from print to digital publications.

Do I give my titles away for free?

No, as the Keyosk newsstand is based on a cutting-edge GPS-targeted publishing technology, your titles will only will be available inside a defined GPS radius at each partner hotel. This enables you to advertise and promote your publications, without giving them away for free.

What about readability?

Our Keyosk app includes the merging of article related text blocks into single articles, popup text reading mode on all mobile devices and even text-to-speech. In addition, we offer the auto detection of published URL links. This guarantees a great reading experience for Keyosk users, whether they are reading text rich newspapers or picture rich magazines.

How can I advertise my title?

Register for free, and choose if you want to advertise your title on a weekly or monthly basis. After choosing your package you simply need to upload your publication in PDF format. After we have received your upload, you will receive an email within 24 hrs which confirms that your title has been published within our Keyosj Nesstand.

Do I need to subscribe to Keyosk?

No, Keyosk offers ad hoc single title upload packages only. This enables complete flexibility with regards to your campaign cycles or number of titles you choose to promote.

Can I become an exclusive content sponsor in Keyosk?

Yes, for big publishers with multiple titles we offer sponsor packages with which only your magazines will be published (based on country of origin). Contact us here if you would like to become an exclusive content sponsor.

Can I sell titles on Keyosk?

No, Keyosk titles are free for all guests at our partner hotel. If you are interested in an individual fully-fledged mobile digital publishing solution for your titles go to ezapp.studio. Here we offer top level commercial solutions for publishers including monetization, single issue sales, subscription sales, sales through voucher codes, analytics and reporting, article publishing, content management etc., for affordable prices.

Can I promote my exiting digital publishing solution with Keyosk?

Yes, for all publishers with an existing mobile publishing app, Keyosk offers click and play banner advertising space to connect Keyosk readers with the publishing presence of the title/publisher.

Do I increase the ad value in my title?

By increasing eyeballs you’re in-title ad value increases accordingly. If you want to know the exact user statistics of your published title, we offer you the option to receive detailed reports on demand. To make sure your data is real, our analytics features are edited by the German Bureau of Circulation.

Why should I become a sponsor or advertiser?

Keyosk caters to an exclusive niche of travelers and affluent hotel guests. If you are an airline, tourism association, or any other travel related business, Keyosk users are exactly the target group you want to talk to.

Where do you publish my ad?

The header of the Keyosk newsstand offers a slide show for linked banner ad placement. Every user worldwide of the Keyosk newsstand will see your advertisement, recognize your brand, and is able to enter your online campaign through the URL link.

How to become a sponsor or advertiser?

Contact us, we offer a wide variety of sponsorship and advertising packages.